Factory Adapters

Factory Adapter


So you flashed your phone and now it thinks the battery is dead (even though it's not) and it won't let you flash it again to fix it?  Or, your battery really is dead and you don't have a way to charge it because your phone is soft-bricked and won't charge the battery.  What do you do?

With this cable you don't even need a battery in your phone.  This is our clone of what is generally referred to as a Motorola "Factory Cable".

Unlike a normal USB cable these cables are wired in a way that compatible Motorola phones recognize as a "factory" programming cable.  This allows the phone to power up and be flashed without having a battery in the phone.  Depending upon the model of the phone, it may also boot up differently than it does with a normal USB cable.

For example, a Motorola Napoleon will actually say "Factory Cable Connected" on the display when booting into flash mode with this cable connected.  When a Droid X, Droid 2, or Droid Pro boots with this cable, it will only present to the host computer the USB devices necessary for flashing, but none of the other devices like ADB, USB mounting, etc.  In fact, if you boot the OS of the phone (instead of to the bootloader) the Droid X doesn't even bring up the USB attached options when using this cable (as though the OS isn't even aware of it).  Yet RadioComm, RSD Lite, etc. all recognize and operate with the phone like normal -- even with no battery in the phone.

These cables are top quality, custom made for us.  We think the Micro B connectors are the finest fitting we've ever seen.  Some connectors are loose fitting (which would be bad for an "active power" cable), and some are so tight you fear it will damage the jack on the phone.  These are perfect.  The cable has a gray USB A head on a black cable to make it stand out from your other "normal" cables.

It should be stressed that this is a technician's tool and not a normal USB cable.  You should not use it with anything but a Motorola phone -- preferably one that someone else has already used with the cable.  You cannot charge your phone with this cable (the phone ignores it from a charging standpoint).  You cannot use this cable to ADB into your phone, mount your phone's SD card as a volume on the host computer, etc.  Your phone came with a normal USB cable for all that -- use it.

Remember, you want to have this cable on hand before you need it -- because once you're stuck, you want to be able to whip this out and use it to get back up and running.  You can't go to the store and get one of these, so be sure it's in your bag of phone hacking goodies.


  1. Don't leave the cable connected to the phone while unattended.  Although the cable should not be recognized by the phone for charging purposes, it is supplying operating power to the phone via its USB port (which is not normally the case).  If you are using the cable with no battery in the phone, and if your host computer lost power or shut down, your phone would instantly lose power just like a battery pull had happened.

  2. Connect the Micro-B end to the phone first, and then connect the USB A end to the computer.  The Micro-B connector is very tiny and we want to make sure it is in the phone straight and seated before you apply power to it by connecting it to the computer.  Connecting the Micro-B end first protects your phone and your computer.

  3. When working on the phone with the cable connected and no battery inside, best to go ahead and put the back cover back on so you don't lay it down on something that touches some contacts in the battery compartment.  If you're working on a proper (uncluttered) workbench and you're the careful type, this may not be necessary, but better safe than sorry.

  4. Don't plug this cable into any device not designed for it.  If plugged into a device not expecting this map you could destroy the device, your computer, or both.

This cable should be compatible with all P2K type Motorola devices with a Micro B USB connector (which is just about everything you'd want to mess with).

Some specific examples:

  • Xoom
  • Atrix
  • Droid X
  • Droid 2
  • Droid 2 Global
  • Droid Pro
  • Droid Pro Global
  • Droid 1
  • V9m
  • Napoleon
  • Kindle Fire
  • Droid Charge
  • Droid Razr
  • Droid Bionic
  • Droid 3
  • Droid Razr Maxx
  • Droid Razr M
  • Droid Razr HD
  • Droid Razr Maxx HD


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